Senhor Cidadão

My favorite Portuguese blog style-wise if not content-wise is Senhor Palomar. You might not know, but Portugal has been going crazy lately because 2666 was recently published in the tongue for the first time. They even threw a festa/dança for the lançamento of the book in portuguese, which I thought was kinda fun. Why don’t we have a dance party every time a new translation of Murakami comes out? In fact, maybe it’s the hipster in me (always a frightening realization, when there’s a chance that a hipster would like the same thing/do the same thing), but I think we should have more dance parties for seemingly unrelated events. I was going to propose more strange yet funny things to have a dance party for, but I think anything more trivial than a book signing might be well in the spirit of dance parties themselves, and anything more serious might actually merit one. Not that I actually think that’s true, but my writing has blocked. Just because Ken Burns’ new documentary was just put on (very boring, three hours of national parks generally repeating the theme that national parks are awesome, it’s the best part of democracy because everyone can use them, there’s no class/race/sex difference at national parks because they’re Nature), but maybe we should’ve had a dance party last weekend for Ken Burns. I leave any other suggestions to you guys in the comments.


One Response to “Senhor Cidadão”

  1. 2666 is a good book, but a little too morbid and gruesome to dance too.

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